What Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Rihanna Are Not Telling You
When I’m at the grocery store, I check the ingredient labels for the food products I buy for my family. I think many moms do this. But do you do Read More
Interfaith and Light Church
Interfaith Power and Light: Mobilizing a Religious Response to Global Warming
This article is originally published in Southern Seasons magazine Early Fall 2013 issue I believe that no matter what your faith, we all have a moral obligation to leave this Read More
A More Conscious Union
This article was originally published in Southern Seasons Magazine Spring 2013 Keep your nuptials as nice to the Earth as they are breathtaking – right here in Georgia or oceans Read More
Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 1.01.22 PM
Spring Into Earth Day
Originally published in Southern Seasons Late Spring 2013 Spring is here! On April 22, we’ll all get together to celebrate the 44th Earth Day. Earth Day started as a movement, Read More
Fall Rejuvenation – Diet And Exercise Are Key To Healthier Living
The kids are back in school and the summer heat is done, so my thoughts naturally turn to rejuvenating in this fall season. Maybe you spent too much time in Read More
One Billion Strong
On April 22, 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson called for teach-ins across the country to raise awareness on local and global issues affecting our environment. His grassroots effort rallied the support Read More
Women Count
According to the United States Census Bureau, each day 361,481 babies are born around the world. This past fall, one of those 361,481 babies bumped the world’s population to 7 Read More
Safe Cosmetics Act
Be Good to Your Skin
Be Good to Your Skin Southern Seasons Magazine Summer 2011 Laura Turner Seydel While you might have once thought that venturing into your morning beauty routine without a cup of Read More
Alexandra Cousteau’s Blue Legacy Project focuses on the health of the planet’s water
Check out my latest article “Go Blue” in Southern Seasons magazine where I talk to Alexandra Cousteau (granddaughter of the late Jacques Cousteau) about how she continues to raise awareness Read More
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