“There are so many issues facing our world-from environmental to personal health-and it is important that each of us pledge to do all in our power to live responsibly and considerably. We have a responsibility to future generations to take care of this planet.”

The League of Conservation Voters Needs Your Help

I am on the board of the League of Conservation Voters and we do amazing work but we need help from folks like you who are willing to step up and speak out to protect our right to clean air and clean water! By calling targeted key senators listed below you can help. Please tell your friends who care about protecting our rights. If not now, when, and if not you, then who?


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I Am Eco Warrior is on YouTube!


Have you checked out I Am Eco Warrior yet? My friend and incredibly talented photographer, Roger Moenks, began traveling the world in 2009 collecting the stories and photos that make up the I Am Eco Warrior book. I Am Eco Warrior brings critical environmental and sustainability issues to the forefront of pop culture. Roger recently launched I Am Eco Warrior on YouTube. It is a fantastic collection of videos from some of my favorite eco-warriors like Sylvia Earle, Lauren Bush Lauren and Richard Branson! I Am Eco Warrior features over 50 global, game-changing sustainability innovators. Watch all of them for a great birds-eye view of the movement to save the natural systems that support all life so the lives of children and future generations everywhere will be healthy and blessed.


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Seydels: Businesses gain from going green

Published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Rutherford Seydel, partner at law firm Davis, Pickren, Seydel & Sneed LLP, and Laura Turner Seydel, chairperson of the Captain Planet Foundation, spend the majority of their waking hours working to make the world a healthier place for future generations, including their three children. Their creative eco-efforts begin at their home, EcoManor, the first LEED-certified Gold residence in the Southeast, and extend out into the business world and various community involvements.

Q: What are some creative ways business people can incorporate sustainability in their business? (more…)

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The World We Made Luncheon With Jonathon Porritt

Last week, I had the honor of co-hosting Sir Jonathon Porritt at Georgia Tech to speak about his new book The World We Made. Jonathon is a pioneer in sustainability development and an advisor to The Prince of Wales, he has been closely involved in developing sustainability strategies for companies. He is also a former director of Friends of the Earth, founder and director of Forum for the Future, an eminent commentator, author and broadcaster.

I first met Jonathon at The Global Summit for the Travel and Tourism Council in Abu Dhabi earlier this year where we were both speakers. However, I first became familiar with him when my father published his book Save The Earth in 1991 and have long since been an admirer. He has been a major global influence in sustainability, technology and politics. (more…)

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{You’re Invited} Join The Live Stream Of The International Women’s Earth & Climate Summit

The International Women’s Earth & Climate Summit will take place on September 20 – 23, 2013 in New York. The Summit will bring together 100 global women leaders including grassroots activists, economists, scientists, businesswomen, Indigenous leaders, policy-makers, faith leaders, culture shapers for 3.5 days to help further a women’s climate action agenda. (more…)

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Interfaith Power and Light: Mobilizing a Religious Response to Global Warming

Interfaith and Light Church

This article is originally published in Southern Seasons magazine Early Fall 2013 issue

I believe that no matter what your faith, we all have a moral obligation to leave this planet a better place for our kids and future generations by acting as good stewards of the Earth’s resources.

Thankfully, there’s a growing movement among religious organizations who are putting scriptures into action when it comes to more sustainable practices and guiding principles. (more…)

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The Next Frontier In The Pursuit of Peace and Prosperity: Celebrating 50 Years of MLK’s I Have A Dream

Fifty years ago this past Wednesday one of the most important, iconic and ultimately largest moments of change in the 21st century U.S. took place. A man born in my hometown of Atlanta, GA in 1929 changed the face of social and racial equality in the United States. This man was shot at, beaten, stabbed, imprisoned and had his home dynamited while he was inside with his wife and children. Yet, he persevered in the face of all this to become a leader of millions, a symbol of non-violent courage and bravery. On August, 28 1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. (more…)

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It’s Time For Action On Climate Change

There is good news and bad news. The bad news is 2012 was the second most extreme year on record for the U.S (source: NOAA). 2012 was the warmest year on record for the mainland U.S., record high temperatures were broken all over the country and one-third of the population experienced 100˚ temperatures. Not surprisingly this led to more droughts, wildfires and floods.

So what could the good news possibly be after this information? (more…)

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President Obama’s Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution

President Obama spoke on climate change this week at Georgetown University and has released the details of his climate action plan. Below, I’ve shared his fact sheet  and the link to download the president’s climate action plan. (more…)

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Bobby Kennedy in Atlanta for Waterkeeper Alliance Annual Conference and Fundraising Event

We were very honored in Georgia last week to host the Waterkeeper Alliance’s national conference at Callaway Gardens. As part of the week’s activities, a fundraising event was held in Atlanta at the beautiful Buckhead home of Vicki and Howard Palefsky. Bobby Kennedy was the guest speaker, and he talked about his work through the years with the Waterkeeper Alliance: past fights, past victories and the challenges we face today. (more…)

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