“It’s important for us to pay attention to our own health and well-being. Eating a healthy diet, surrounding ourselves in a toxin-free environment, and staying away from chemicals whenever possible are all ways to help make your life the best it can be.”

Years Of Living Dangerously

Climate change is the most important, impactful issue of our time. The upcoming Showtime series, Years of Living Dangerously is finally bringing climate change to the forefront of popular entertainment. I had the privilege of serving on the advisory board with some truly amazing people. Not to mention all the amazing actors in the series -  Jessica Alba, Mark Bittman, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, America Ferrera, Harrison Ford, Thomas L. Friedman, Michael C. Hall, Chris Hayes, Olivia Munn, M. Sanjayan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ian Somerhalder and Lesley Stahl I hope this series will educate more people about the dire consequences of climate change, and convince them that the time for action is now!


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Saving The Planet Gets Personal: Laura Turner Seydel

I was recently interviewed by Michael Charles Tobias from Forbes.  We covered a lot of ground including the future, some of my recent travels with the Turner Foundation, as well as, reproductive rights.

Michael Tobias: Laura, like your dad, Ted Turner, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for nearly a quarter-century, you fluently manage a vast ecological portfolio of convictions, commitments, and philanthropy. Georgia, your home state, appears to play a key part in that, as does clean air and water, robust river environments, LEED-standard housing, environmental education for youth, and collaborations with corporations, as well as a strong fellowship with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. At the same time, you’ve mentioned to me your commitments to family health in parts of West Africa, and the Captain Planet Foundation. You’re everywhere. Most recently, you were at the Rio+20 Summit, and then in Scotland for the TEDGlobal 2012 event.  With so much positive energy flowing your way, what are you most worried about? (more…)

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Georgia’s Dirty Dozen: Worst Offenses Against Georgia’s Water

Below is a summary of the report by Georgia Water Coalition’s Dirty Dozen list for 2011. Please download the PDF for more information and continued reading.

Georgia Water Coalition’s “Dirty Dozen” highlights the worst offenses to Georgia’s water—offenses that are the consequences of an under-funded state environmental agency and a lack of politi cal will to aggressively enforce laws that protect our water, land, air and people. Too often in Georgia, the “fox is watching the hen house,” and the system gives polluters free passes while the rest of us end up with dirty water. (more…)

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{You’re Invited} Environmental Leadership Awards

The Environmental Leadership Awards is the largest single fundraiser for the Georgia Conservation Voters, and largely determines the amount of work they will be able to accomplish this year.

This event honors public officials working to protect our children, our health, and our economy by supporting conservation and economic growth through innovation. (more…)

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{Take Action}VOTE NO on SB 362

In honor of World Water Day, we need you to call your state representative ASAP today and ask him or her to VOTE NO on SB 362, ‘the log mining bill.’

SB 362 will allow a small group of private businesses to profit from dredging 200-year old logs that are submerged in the bottom of South Georgia rivers. These logs serve several important ecological functions. First, the logs trap sediment that contain metals and toxins that have accumulated from decades of upstream industrial discharges. Dredging these logs will release these pollutants back into the water. Second, the logs are habitat for the smallest species in the aquatic food chain. Removing these logs will cause harm to habitat and food sources in the rivers. The Georgia Water Coalition is opposed to this practice as few people stand to personally profit while water quality for all will suffer. (more…)

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Deciding To Be The First & The Best – A Sustainability Model

Last Thursday I hosted a breakfast to welcome Denise Quarles, the Director of Sustainabilty for the City of Atlanta. I felt like I was surrounded by members of my extended family. These are people who I’ve been working along with and who share my passion of cleaning up our environment for future generations. It was a great morning of reconnecting and sharing ideas. (more…)

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{ Friday Favorites } Christmas at the White House

This year Rutherford and I were invited to the White House Christmas Party. The tree was decorated with medals of honor, service badges and handmade cards by the children of service members. It was the First Ladies brilliant idea! The house smelled like Christmas, so clean and piney from the smell of Christmas trees and other greenery. (more…)

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