“It’s important for us to pay attention to our own health and well-being. Eating a healthy diet, surrounding ourselves in a toxin-free environment, and staying away from chemicals whenever possible are all ways to help make your life the best it can be.”

Are You Living Large For the Long Haul? Ask Clark Howard

Clark Howard, a New York Times Bestselling Author and one of Atlanta’s favorite personalities, has just released his new book, Living Large For the Long Haul: Consumer-Tested Ways to Overhaul Your Finances, Increase Your Savings, and Get Your Life Back on Track. Those of you outside Atlanta, might recognize Clark from his consumer reporting featured on CNN. The book is a collection of real life stories of Americans who have saved, and those who have lost and rebounded. Clark uses these stories to offer realistic advice on how to maximize your savings, retirement and costs.

I’m excited to share that yours truly is featured in one of Clark’s chapters. (more…)

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Please Join The Turner Family And Georgia Public Broadcasting On March 26

Please join the Turner family for a premiere screening of my sister Jennie Garlington’s newest episode in the Emmy Award winning series, “EcoSense for Living”.  Ken Cook, President of EWG, is featured in “Eco Hazards in the Home and Body Exposed” and will be joining us along with Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley and Dr. Yolanda Whyte for Q&A. It will be an enlightening evening not to be missed!  For more info I have included the press release. Hope to see you on the 26th! (more…)

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Fall Rejuvenation – Diet And Exercise Are Key To Healthier Living

The kids are back in school and the summer heat is done, so my thoughts naturally turn to rejuvenating in this fall season. Maybe you spent too much time in the sun or perhaps didn’t eat as well as you meant to during summer travel, but regardless, autumn is the perfect time to be good to yourself. Here are some of my favorite tips for revitalizing. You’ll feel younger, fresher and more alive, even if you only make a few of these part of your routine. (more…)

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Tips For Preparing An Energy Savings Plan For Fall

The transition from summer to fall, especially here in the South, can be a welcome change in temperature. We are emerging from one of the hottest summers on record, and have focused on how we can minimize our energy usage to beat the heat. Well, now that cooler months are on their way we need a new strategy for energy savings!

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Building an Eco-Home – Living on Earth Interview

I recently did my second interview for Living on Earth! I had the chance to speak with Steve Curwood about energy efficient homes. About five years ago, Rutherford and I built our home EcoManor. EcoManor was the first Gold LEED residence in the Southeast! Having the opportunity to create our own energy efficient home was a dream come true for Rutherford and I. (more…)

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{ Friday Favorites } Trashy Bags

On my trip to Ghana last week I had the opportunity to visit the facility of one of my favorite companies in the world, Trashy Bags. (more…)

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Tips & Tricks for Holiday Recycling

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! It’s that time now to clean up from all of the celebrations and decorations. Hopefully, you have already collected any wrappings from presents to be used for next year, but what about your tree, lights and other assorted decorations? (more…)

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{ Friday Favorites } Your Eco-tips!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their eco-tips! There are some really great ones in there, and I don’t want to keep them all to myself. Here are your eco-tips – everything from pets to Christmas trees.


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Tips for a Green Holiday

As we deck the walls with twinkle lights, wrap oodles of presents, and plan our festive holiday parties, it is important that we are conscious of our impact on our planet during these merry times. Did you know that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans throw away an extra million tons of garbage each week?

Get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions by pledging to do your part to keep our landfills free of extra refuse by reducing, reusing and recycling as much holiday merriment as possible to ensure many happy holidays to come. (more…)

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{ Giveaway } Day 9 – Recycled Art Classes for 2 at The Re-Inspiration Store

Win a Recycled Art Class for 2 at The Re-Inspiration Store!  Bring a friend, family member or colleague and create your very own piece of Recycled Art!  Pick your choice of Recycled Art Glass, Recycled Glass Mosaic or Recycled Mixed Media.  Classes available through May 2012.  Value $100.

Giving items a second life is key to living a sustainable lifestyle. Sometimes, the best way to “upcycle” an item is to turn it into a piece of artwork. I love the Re-Inspiration store. They have great items and taking a class from them will be so cool!


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