“It’s really important to get our children involved early and educate them about their connection to the planet, how things work, and what they can do to help. If our children grow up thinking that carrots come from a bag and milk comes from a carton, we are all in trouble.”

EWG Celebrates 20 Years And Continues The Fight Against Toxins

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently celebrated their 20th anniversary! In this time they have accomplished groundbreaking, critical work that has empowered consumers and influenced legislation. While much has been accomplished in the past 20 years, toxins polluting our most vulnerable, children and babies, is still a major issue. EWG provides the best resources towards protecting yourself and your family. As a board member I had the privilege of speaking at the celebration and I have shared my speech below about this critical issue. (more…)

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{Video} How Do We Empower Our Daughters?

I recently participated in the UN Foundation’s Global Mom Relay. The Relay culminated in the Mom + Social event, a series of panels dedicated towards discussing the most relevant topics and issues facing girls today. I participated in the Empowering Our Daughters from the Inside-Out panel with Buzz Marketing Group CEO/ author Tina Wells, actress/singer Brandy and NBC Today Show stylist Bobbie Thomas (moderator). Our discussion centered around the struggle between empowering our daughters versus protecting them, and how do we talk to them on their level about all the important issues instead of talking at them. (more…)

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Visiting My Brother, Beau’s, Youth Conservation Center

Recently, a few friends and I went to visit the Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center (BTYCC). The BTYCC mission statement “Getting Youth Outdoors” simply means involving kids in outdoor activities to strengthen their connection to nature and wildlife.  At the BTYCC kids learn, play and explore outside through a variety of activities including birding, hiking, fishing, archery, sport shooting, hunting, kayaking and boating.


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Eco-Heroes Dr Phil Landrigan & Jessica Alba – 6th Annual Greening Our Children Event

I am at the sixth annual Greening Our Children Event in Greenwich, CT. This event is honoring two of my favorite eco-heroes, Dr. Phil Landrigan and Jessica Alba. Dr Phil Landrigan is from the Children’s Environmental Health Center and has worked tirelessly to remove lead from gasoline after his studies showing the correlation between the lowering of children’s IQs and their level of lead exposure. He researches harmful chemicals and their effect on the health of our children, as well as educates the public about the inherit risks of exposure. Jessica Alba is receiving the Mt Sinai Champion For Children Award because of her dedication to the prevention of childhood chronic disease as it relates to exposure to harmful toxicants.  (more…)

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Outdoor Activities Essential For Kids

Originally published in Atlanta Intown April 2013

Everyone knows I’m passionate about the environment. One of the main reasons for that is that I spent a great deal of time in my childhood outside.

Being outdoors, actually seeing how each and every part of our natural systems work, is so vital to understanding and appreciating Mother Nature. And those times outside with my family are some of the best memories I have now. (more…)

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Celebrate Ray Day On April 4

This Thursday Georgia State University is holding “Ray Day”. In partnership with the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, Georgia State University is promoting sustainability on campus and inspiring students, faculty and staff to push for more integration into the campus culture. (more…)

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Green Insider: Goodall Plants Seeds for Future

One of my personal heroes, Jane Goodall, was in town recently to meet with children and civil rights leaders to help spread the word about her work and also form new partnerships for her children’s program.

Goodall, through her foundation, runs a program called Roots and Shoots. It supports and encourages children to get involved in community service, allowing the children to choose causes and work together to find ways to solve problems.

The meeting in Atlanta was an opportunity to meet with kids from Ron Clark Academy and meet leaders in the Civil Rights community. (more…)

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Emotional Creature – My Daughter’s 15th Birthday

Recently, I took Laura Elizabeth to the New York opening night of Eve Ensler’s Emotional Creature for her 15th birthday. Based on her best-selling book, Emotional Creature is a play based on the real life experiences of teen girls from around the world. My brilliant mother-in-law, Pat Mitchell, is the producer.

It was an INCREDIBLE, UNFORGETTABLE, LIFE ALTERING evening for me and Laura Elizabeth. As a busy mother, it is not always easy to find quality time with my daughter spent on such meaningful endeavors. This was an amazing opportunity to share with Laura Elizabeth, because like the majority of youth today, she can become distracted from what is really important. Emotional Creature was definitely an AHA! moment for her. (more…)

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Congratulations To The 2012 Green Ribbon School Award Winners

Last year the Department of Education announced the start of the Green Ribbon Schools Award Program. This federal program recognizes schools on a national level that earn high achievement in three pillars :

Pillar I: Reduce environmental impact and costs.

Pillar II: Improve the health and wellness of students and staff.

Pillar III: Provide effective environmental and sustainability education, incorporating STEM, civic skills and green career pathways.

In support of this program, the Turner Foundation pledged $10,000 in prize money to the school or schools in Georgia awarded the National Green Ribbon from the U.S. Department of Education! (more…)

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Smog season safety

When parents think about summertime in Atlanta, we like to picture relaxed evenings at the ball field and neighborhood swimming pool. However, summertime also signals ozone season, when intense sunlight and heat converts a mixture of tailpipe and power plant emissions and other chemicals into unhealthy smog. (more…)

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