Join the Sustainable Tourism Revolution

I was shocked when I found out the travel industry generates nearly 10 percent of the world’s GDP and rising each year. People are travelling and travelling more often. Tourism employs 1 of every 11 people in the world. Along with economic impact, travel presents opportunities for growth, learning and the exchange of ideas. Travel [...]

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Amphibian Conservation Is Hopping in Atlanta

What if I told you there was an entire underground world below you right now? The frogs you may see in your backyard are a tiny portion of the amphibian world surrounding you. According to Mark Mandica, amphibian conservation coordinator at the Atlanta Botanical Garden (ABG), "If you weighed all the spotted salamanders they'd weigh [...]

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Watch Racing Extinction: It Will Change the Way You View the World

On December, 2, 2015 Discovery Channel premiered Louis Psihoyos’ new film,Racing Extinction, in 220 countries around the world. This riveting film covers the planet’s sixth and currently ongoing mass extinction, named the Anthropocene Extinction, which is largely the result of mankind. Psihoyos details what many scientists and experts believe are the causes behind this vast [...]

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Photo Ark: One Man’s Journey to Save the World’s Most Endangered Species

Each and every one of Earth’s creatures are precious. Even those that are covered in scales, have eight legs or are as small as a thumbnail. We saw the world’s uproar in 2015 when Cecil the Lion was killed illegally by a trophy hunter. But it does not matter whether majestic and beloved or forgotten about [...]

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Exploring Iceland’s Clean Energy Economy

In my entire life I have never breathed in purer air, drank cleaner water or felt so naturally energized. My family and I recently visited Iceland on a mission to encounter the country's vast wonderland of geological extremes, and see firsthand how Iceland rose to become the largest clean energy producer per capita in the [...]

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On Our Way to Number One

It wasn’t long ago that to see sustainability in action we had to go to other parts of the country. Atlanta was being fined daily for infractions of the Clean Water Act, we were the asthma capitol of the country due to terrible air quality and we were listed among the most polluted cities in [...]

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Powerful Lobbying Groups Want to Make Sure You Keep Using Plastic Bags

Plastic bag use has become ubiquitous in many parts of the world as a cheap and convenient means of transporting items. Meant for one-time usage, plastic bags have left a deep imprint on the planet. All over the world, countries are taking action by either banning lightweight plastic bags, charging for them or generating taxes [...]

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{How to} Laura’s Greentini

This juice has changed my life. Having better health and more energy is the key to EVERYTHING! As a mom, I am constantly running around full steam ahead! For most of us it can be really tough to get all the nutrients we need on a daily basis for our body and brain to function [...]

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