Accepting The Science Of Climate Change

Scientific discipline is the means by which we understand our physical and natural world. Through observation and experimentation we gain a better understanding of ourselves, and with each generation improve the quality of life of all the world’s peoples. Approximately 5,500 years ago humanity invented the wheel; 2,200 hundred years ago the Chinese invented paper; [...]

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Join the Sustainable Tourism Revolution

I was shocked when I found out the travel industry generates nearly 10 percent of the world’s GDP and rising each year. People are travelling and travelling more often. Tourism employs 1 of every 11 people in the world. Along with economic impact, travel presents opportunities for growth, learning and the exchange of ideas. Travel [...]

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25th Captain Planet Foundation Gala to Honor Ian Somerhalder!

SUPERHERO FOR EARTH AWARD RECIPIENT Ian Somerhalder is an actor, environmentalist and humanitarian currently starring as Damon Salvatore in the eighth and final season of the CW hit television series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. In addition to acting in the show, Somerhalder also took on the role as director in season 7 and will do so [...]

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Feeding the Future Takes Center Stage at EAT Food Forum

We've all heard the saying "You are what you eat." If you eat unhealthy foods, you'll inevitably be unhealthy. I'd like to take it one step further. It's not just what food you eat, but how it ended up on your plate. Is the apple you're eating sprayed with pesticides? An apple is a great [...]

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Amphibian Conservation Is Hopping in Atlanta

What if I told you there was an entire underground world below you right now? The frogs you may see in your backyard are a tiny portion of the amphibian world surrounding you. According to Mark Mandica, amphibian conservation coordinator at the Atlanta Botanical Garden (ABG), "If you weighed all the spotted salamanders they'd weigh [...]

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Watch Racing Extinction: It Will Change the Way You View the World

On December, 2, 2015 Discovery Channel premiered Louis Psihoyos’ new film,Racing Extinction, in 220 countries around the world. This riveting film covers the planet’s sixth and currently ongoing mass extinction, named the Anthropocene Extinction, which is largely the result of mankind. Psihoyos details what many scientists and experts believe are the causes behind this vast [...]

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Nora Pouillon – My Organic Life

I had the pleasure of hosting my good friend Nora Pouillon for a book signing of her memoir My Organic Life: How a Pioneering Chef Helped Shape the Way We Eat Today. She is the owner of Restaurant Nora, one of the best restaurants in the country. They have an unbelievable ethic for procuring, preparing [...]

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Photo Ark: One Man’s Journey to Save the World’s Most Endangered Species

Each and every one of Earth’s creatures are precious. Even those that are covered in scales, have eight legs or are as small as a thumbnail. We saw the world’s uproar in 2015 when Cecil the Lion was killed illegally by a trophy hunter. But it does not matter whether majestic and beloved or forgotten about [...]

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Transforming Our World – UN Sustainable Development Goals

On September 25th 2015, the UN's 70th anniversary, all 193 Member States unanimously adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets demonstrate the [...]

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Exploring Iceland’s Clean Energy Economy

In my entire life I have never breathed in purer air, drank cleaner water or felt so naturally energized. My family and I recently visited Iceland on a mission to encounter the country's vast wonderland of geological extremes, and see firsthand how Iceland rose to become the largest clean energy producer per capita in the [...]

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