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{Wednesday Roundup} 2/13/2013 This Week’s Top Eco Stories


 by Lindsay E. Brown

Obama’s State of the Union Call May Buy Time for EPA

Obama’s SOTU drew mixed reactions from climate advocates. Though Obama didn’t deliver a detail-rich emissions reduction plan, he did address climate change. Obama said that if lawmakers don’t act, he will order agencies across his administration to come up with ways to address global warming “for the sake of our children and our future.”

This Valentine’s Day Buy Fair Trade Chocolate
Last year, a member of an indigenous Costa Rican tribe gave me a tour of  her community’s cacao plantation. The experience gave me a deeper appreciation and understand of how chocolate is produced and that those who produce it must be respected and compensated fairly.

According to this article, 73 percent of the world’s cocoa is from Africa, particularly from the top-cocoa-producing countries of Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. A 2011 Tulane University study found a “projected total of 819,921 children in Ivory Coast and 997,357 children in Ghana worked on cocoa-related activities” in 2007-2008. Learn how you can avoid buying “blood chocolate.”

Stopping Violence Against Women and Mother Earth 
Join Laura tomorrow on Valentine’s Day for V-Day’s One Billion Rising to dance and rise up against violence. Laura and team will be very involved in a packed day of action which includes gathering on the steps of the Georgia state capitol to hear from speakers and elected officials. Then there will be a choreographed flash mob dance in Woodruff Park lead by the Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders and several others. Later in the day they’ll join a Rising Up gathering at the Unitarian Congregation of Atlanta.

One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime — more than 1 billion women and girls worldwide. This revolution against rape was created by Eve Ensler who believes that one billion women violated is an atrocity and that one billion women dancing is a revolution.

The Most Influential Climate Science Paper Remains Unknown to Most People
A paper titled “Greenhouse-Gas Emission Targets for Limiting Global Warming to 2C” is said to be transforming the climate change debate as it fills a factual void. Most governments had endorsed the scientific consensus that global temperature rise should be kept below 2 degrees Celsius in this century. The issue was that the governments had no idea how they had already contributed to global warming, and how much further they could “safely” go.

The scientists who published the paper created a “global carbon budget” which specifies how much carbon countries have emitted in the atmosphere from burning coal, oil and natural gas, as well as how much more they can “spend” before crossing 2 degrees.

Southern Environmental Law Center Names Top 10 Places At Risk
The Southern Environmental Law Center has listed the South’s top 10 places in danger of irreparable environmental harm. These places face the greatest immediate, and potentially irreparable, threats and include the push to mine uranium in Southside, Virginia as well as the mounting pressure to allow fracking on 43,000 acres of the Talladega National Forest.

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