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{Read It} Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet

There’s a new book coming out about my dad, Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet, written by Todd Wilkinson. Anyone that knows me, knows what a huge influence my father has been on me and what an environmentalist icon he is to the world.

Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet, written by Todd Wilkinson, tracks the rise of the famed American media mogul who has become one of the world’s pioneering “eco-capitalists” and peace-minded humanitarians in the 21st century.

With two million acres of private land and a bison herd 55,000 animals strong, Turner is considered a pathfinder in showing how profit-minded agriculture can be pursued in ways that advance protection of imperiled species. His historic $1 billion gift to the United Nations not only resulted in creation of the United Nations Foundation, which is breaking new ground in advancing peace and trying to elevate hundreds of millions of people worldwide out of poverty, but it served as a catalyst for a new ethic in charitable giving being embraced by many high profile plutocrats. Turner also has been a leader, through his co-founding of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, in trying to eradicate nuclear weapons and keeping nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists.

Last Stand is a book that reveals not only a story certain to resonate with those who love the natural world and want to make a positive difference but business leaders desiring to create a better future for their kids and grandchildren.

- From TedTurner.com

This is a must-read for business owners and citizens alike. Changing the world begins in our own backyard.

“LAST STAND is a great literary portrait of the many parts of a fascinating and important man – Ted Turner. Ted is on a mission to save the world and the world should be grateful to have an energetic and imaginative friend.”
—Tom Brokaw, lead anchor emeritus NBC News and author of “The Greatest Generation”
“Ted Turner is one of the great originals of American history, an innovator of the first rank, and, as LAST STAND shows, a unique human innovation of his own making. Out of his many achievements, the most important may be the proof that capitalism and environmentalism can be joined to major humanitarian effect.”
—Edward O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner

Pre-order your copy of Last Stand at BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com or IndieBound.


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    As a child it was innate for me to not throw my trash on the ground like many others, I was shunned by other kids and even a bit by my own parents for burying little dead animals on the roadside instead of playing football, etc like my step brothers. There was no doubt that I was different when it came to my eco-alliance which at the time was not even a word much less a cause. Never straying from my connectedness, I can’t help but admit my loneliness for shared thoughts of like hearts and minds. It was not until much later in life that I found myself an unlikely mentor in the world of a higher consciousness. It was in the early 90′s as a guest speaker at the NBA (National Buffalo Association) in Savannah, Georgia of all places, that the soon to be Captain Planet took time out of his life to introduce himself to a couple of out of place Indians in what I feel was an attempt to make sure my wife and I were comfortable in a room full of cowboys. Either way, what a classy guy this Ted Turner fella turned out to be in that simple action alone. Even classier than that was when he addressed the audience of bison ranchers with high praise for their reviving the animal. He was perfectly blunt about an inferior animal (COW) being raised in a manner that reflected stupidity regarding its unnatural place on the planet and its equally inferior meat and bi-product. I would say he pretty much called the cattlemen sissy’s compared to bison ranchers who are apparently not willing to take on adventure oriented ranching. All of this was at a time when Mr.Turner was getting kicked by a church in Woodstock Georgia for speaking his mind or sharing his feelings in an honest manner and when cattlemen were taking potshots at him for introducing the rightful four legged landlords back to the plains and American Indians were slamming him for what they considered culturally insensitive due to the Braves tomahawk controversy and the World Series. Here is what I do know about Ted Turner and his family, they are merely human beings with an uncanny ability to walk amongst the everyday citizen in a way that reflects humility. They have taken a well earned success and shared it with the world in a manner that expresses their intentions far beyond rhetorical lip music and posturing. For the most part, often the same ones that are quick to kick Ted Turner, his family or their Foundation are some of the same interest the Turner’s have supported in some form or fashion including the interest of Native film projects and outreach programs and a host of other organizations and cause oriented programs. In all of this, not one of them professes to perfection or to being a conglomerated do-good family, but they have and continue to prove themselves to be the kind of Earthlings this Planet requires to stay afloat and as fellow defender of our MOTHER, I can’t wait to purchase a copy of “Last Stand” as its destined to be as the risk of my blasphemy, the new, NEW TESTAMENT for planetary survival versus the one comprised of a fiery revelation. I can’t help but notice the great similarities between Captain Planet and that cowboy hat wearing buffalo man riding the plains. Probably one of those coincidences people talk about….

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