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Atlanta’s One Billion Rising – Many Thanks & A Request For Reflection

The talented Nikki Noto was one of the incredibly important women behind One Billion Rising Atlanta this V-Day! She sent out an email to our committee and I would like to share it with you, my readers, and ask that you send in your reflections as well.

From: Nikki Noto
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 13:01:37 -0600

Subject: WOW – ATLANTA RISING! Many thanks and a request for you to reflect

Dear friends and One Billion Rising Atlanta leaders -

Thank you so much to each of you who made One Billion Rising Atlanta happen yesterday, and by “happen”, I mean for One Billion Rising Atlanta to BEGIN!  I am so deeply grateful, and what we accomplished together yesterday was nothing short of historic.  The tireless work, heart felt commitment, vision, tenacity, sacrifice, faithfulness, trust, blood, sweat and tears that you offered truly created a new day for our city, and Atlanta was a part of something totally world changing.  Our goal at the beginning was to make One Billion Rising Atlanta a day that would touch everyone in our city.  Without a doubt YOU DID THAT.  And you were a part of a day that touched literally nearly everyone in every corner of the world.

So many of you gave so much of yourself, and what you created was, in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., echoed through his daughter and so many others yesterday, the beloved community.  You organized, wrote songs, created public art, led rehearsals, painted graffiti, created music videos, called on your elected officials, passed out flyers, invited your friends, families, churches, coworkers, engaged your networks, held one another up, and danced and danced and danced.  And I am so proud of the men on our team and who showed up and stood up to represent the power of a loving, caring, connected man yesterday, and how this is not just about women and girls – this is all of us.  I celebrate all of you today.  There was so much love and joy and connection.

Today is truly a new day.  The energy and community and relationships that were established I believe have in many ways created a new world.  When I woke up this morning, everything felt different.  I want each of you to know the power of what we accomplished together – it was magical, ground breaking, and an intensely transformative moment for our city.  But this is just the beginning.  We will move forward from here with the partnerships and coalition of organizations and leaders in Atlanta where we can keep our feet on the ground and take the spirit of February 14, 2013 to deeply impact women, girls, men and boys in our city.  

Today, I hope you are as in awe of the day as I am, and are able to take a moment reflect on what we experienced together.  I would like to capture some of the energy we are all feeling and reflect that – we are collecting lots of photos and videos online, and I encourage you to upload and share your visual images, = but I also want to curate a collection of written reflections on people’s experiences.

If you would take a few minutes today and share your reflection to these questions and send them to both me and Allison (onebillionrisingatl@gmail.com), I would greatly appreciate it.  The power of One Billion Rising is in our collective thought and action, but each of our individual reflections is a powerful mirror to what we experienced in community.

PLEASE SHARE!  Write a few sentences, phrases, or a full on essay/blog – whatever you are moved to do – responding to one or more of these questions –
Please also upload photos and videos to our Facebook page – and invite everyone you know to like us on Facebook so we can keep connected and keep moving!

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the moment, and then let’s continue to rise together!

With love,

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