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{Wednesday Roundup} 6/27/2012 This Week’s Top Eco Stories

by Lindsay E. Brown

Poisoning Workers at the Bottom of the Food Chain
Exposure to pesticides sickens thousands of farmworkers across the country every year, many of whom are illegal immigrants. Rarely are these illnesses reported for fear of deportation and reprisal, reports Mother Jones. Pesticide warning labels are not required to be translated into Spanish, even though 8 of every 10 farmworkers are foreign born and most of the United State’s agricultural workforce hails from Mexico.

Relief In Every Window, but Global Worry Too
In India, the air conditioner has become a middle-class status symbol. Air-conditioning sales have been growing 20 percent a year in both China and India, according to this New York Times article. But as more and more ACs jut out of windows around the world, scientists are concerned about the impact of the gases emitted from them, which are all all agents of global warming. As units become more affordable for the world’s middle-class, temperatures will rise with climate change.

Cereal Advertised to Children Still Junk Food
The overly sweet and unhealthy cereals lining store shelves aren’t going away any time soon. Nor are the cereal companies’ advertisements to children every which way you turn. Here’s a list of healthy cereals to make for your children for breakfast from around the world.

150 Amazon Indians Occupy Belo Monte Dam Site
Indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon protested the building of a massive hydroelectric dam facility at Belo Monte, who will be displaced when construction begins.

“In the last 40 years almost 20-percent of the Amazon has been destroyed in the name of business. That’s a 20-percent reduced capacity to absorb greenhouse gases. And it’s getting worse,” said Trudie Styler at the Sustainable Operations Summit in New York City this past April.

 Keeping Cool Without Selling Out
Grist’s Umbra offers up some advise for staying cool without an air conditioner in these hazy days of summer.


Photo Credit: Gary Braasch/Zuma

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