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{Wednesday Roundup} 6/13/2012 This Week’s Top Eco Stories

by Lindsay E. Brown

Damming the Amazon (VIDEO)
Brazil is planning to build at least 20 highly controversial hydroelectric dams in the Amazon region by 2020. Environmentalists and indigenous activists claim it will displace indigenous people, further damage the Amazon basin and accelerate deforestation and climate change.

“The best scientists in Brazil have warned the government against this. They say ‘let this go’ because it will be an environmental disaster,” said Erwin Krautler, a Catholic Bishop who came to the Xingu region 46 years ago, concerned about the impact that the proposed Belo Monte Dam project would have on neighboring indigenous tribes.

Susan Rockefeller’s “Mission of Mermaids” Highlights Ocean Conservation Through Film
Susan Rockefeller created a short documentary film, “Mission of Mermaids,” to call attention to the health of our oceans caused by overfishing, climate change and pollution. Rockefeller was able to minimize her carbon footprint by using mostly existing footage and even shot locally and used public transportation to get to the destinations where she shot new footage.

Are ‘Spray-On’ Tans Safe? Experts Raise Questions as Industry Puts Out Warnings
Spray tanning has been considered a safe alternative to basking in the sun, but a new investigation by ABC News reveals that sunless tanning spray could be a health hazard. The chemical dihydroxyacetone (DHA), approved by the FDA, may cause cancer if inhaled or ingested during a spray session. If you’re a spray tanner, this article is worth your time.

Every state in the U.S. Has Gotten Hotter Since 1970
A report from Climate Central found that over the past 40 years, warming has accelerated across the country. According to the study, this warming coincided with the time when the effect of CO2 emissions began to overwhelm other influences on the climate.

Man-Friendly (And Healthy) Father’s Day Food Ideas
Contemplating what to cook your Dad or hubby for Father’s Day? This post offers up a variety of healthy meals for your Dad, no matter his tastes.

Diesel Exhaust is Cancer-Causing
The United Nations body has said for the first time that exhaust from diesel engines causes lung cancer. It came to the conclusion after reviewing a host of scientific studies, finding that there was “sufficient evidence” that diesel exhaust is a cause of lung cancer. The study also found a positive association  with “limited evidence” that diesel causes an increased risk of bladder cancer as well.

Science Out of Context: BP’s Demand for E-Mail Will Erode the Scientific Deliberative Process
BP sought the e-mails from prominent scientists Chris Reddy and Richard Camilli who were involved in estimating the flow rate from a ruptured oil well during the company’s 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In this op-ed in The Boston Globe, the two prominent scientists discuss the 3,000 private e-mails they reluctantly released to the company in response to a subpoena by the United States District Court.

Photo Credit: Mission of Mermaids, Dana Marie

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