“It’s important for us to pay attention to our own health and well-being. Eating a healthy diet, surrounding ourselves in a toxin-free environment, and staying away from chemicals whenever possible are all ways to help make your life the best it can be.”


Testing For Toxins – Living on Earth Interview

About seven years ago my father, son and I participated in the first intergenerational toxic body burden test. I recently spoke to Living on Earth’s Steve Curwood about the experience and the changes I made as a result. You can check out the interview here!

I had a great time and will be doing more work with Living on Earth! Looking forward to my next interview with Steve!

Living on Earth is Public Radio International’s weekly news journal on the environment. Their one hour environmental news and feature program airs on more than 250 public radio stations, including stations in the top ten markets. They also reach their audience via satellite radio, and podcasts.Their mission is to offer listeners accurate, engaging and in-depth reports on the science and politics critical to understanding environmental issues. They aim to provide people with knowledge that leads to informed opinions, decisions, and action.

You can learn more about them here.

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