“It’s really important to get our children involved early and educate them about their connection to the planet, how things work, and what they can do to help. If our children grow up thinking that carrots come from a bag and milk comes from a carton, we are all in trouble.”


Captain Planet Needs Your Help

Tell your friends and vote for Captain Planet Foundation at 100carsforgood.com on TUESDAY, MAY 15.

The Captain Planet Foundation has been selected as a finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program! Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program will be awarding 100 vehicles to 100 nonprofits over the course of 100 days based on votes from the public. A total of 500 nonprofits were selected from more than 4,000 applications nationwide. We are hoping to win a new Toyota Prius V to help Captain Planet spread the word about environmental education to youth at schools, community organizations and eco-events.

What will environmental super hero do with a Toyota Prius V ?

1. He will travel to schools helping kids start their own edible, organic gardens.
2. He will help kids learn to monitor and test rivers, streams and oceans.
3. He will plant trees with kids at tree plantings.
4. He will teach kids about wetlands restoration.
5. He will help implement recycling programs in schools and youth groups.

Captain Planet Foundation plans to wrap their new car in Captain Planet branding to let people know when they see him coming, the world’s one and only eco-superhero is on his way to help!

Take the pledge to vote for Captain Planet today and you will receive a reminder on May 15!

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