“It’s really important to get our children involved early and educate them about their connection to the planet, how things work, and what they can do to help. If our children grow up thinking that carrots come from a bag and milk comes from a carton, we are all in trouble.”


Environmental Excellence Pays Off for Teachers

Are you an environmental teacher? Do your children have a teacher you believe has been outstanding in environmental education with innovative approaches? The EPA has recently announced the 2011 Presidential Innovation Award Program for Environmental Educators. The award is a reinforcement of the newly launched Green Ribbon Schools program .You can either apply or nominate a teacher until Friday, Dec. 30. The winning recipients will be awarded $2,000 and the institutions where they teach will also receive $2,000 to further the recipients’ environmental education efforts.

“Our bright and enthusiastic students are America’s future problem-solvers, environmental stewards, and economic innovators,” said Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. “This award will support American schools and teachers that are doing an outstanding job of empowering students to build a clean, healthy and prosperous future for our country.”

As a mother, I know our children’s teachers are among the most influential people in their development as environmental stewards. Teachers who apply innovative approaches and go the extra mile deserve to be recognized for all their hard work.

If you or someone you know has been an exceptional environmental educator, please let them know they are making a difference and nominate them today .

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