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{Friday Favorites} Radial Cafe

Radial Cafe’s tagline is “Small Carbon Footprint | Big Local Flavor.” What can I say, other than “I’m hooked!” This is an amazing restaurant that provides excellent food and customer service, and a deep commitment to sustainable practices. Radial Cafe in Atlanta is the first certified “green” restaurant in Georgia by the Green Restaurant Association program.

I have used Radial Cafe’s catering services many times for parties and events at my home. They have never disappointed. You can check out pictures of the delicious spread they provided for the luncheon I hosted in honor of Laurie David.

Below are just a couple reasons, taken from their website, why Radial Cafe is a pioneer in the green restaurant movement (and why it pays to go green!).

  • As a certified “green” restaurant and leader in the green restaurant movement, we are always looking for new ways to raise the bar!
  • 80-90% of our waste is either composted or recycled, with all composted waste sent to Georgia farmers to help enhance their crops.
  • We reduce water usage with low-flow devices throughout the restaurant, creating an annual savings of over 35%. Grey water is recycled to water our patio plants.
  • All of our takeout boxes, cups, straws, etc., are plant-based, not plastic; therefore, they are compostable.
  • All of our chemicals are eco-friendly, helping us reduce the impact on our local water supply. These chemicals help us reduce water and energy use as well.
  • We’ve also cut electrical usage by almost 40% by conserving lighting use as well as adopting more efficient technologies.

So next time you are throwing a party, or just looking for a bite to eat, make sure you check out Radial Cafe. Maybe I’ll see you there!

*Photo Credit – Exterior courtesy of  crossfitrx.com, Interior and Patio courtesy of elementalimpact.org

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    Radial Cafe is pretty awesome! Great read, you make Atlanta one proud city!

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