This juice has changed my life. Having better health and more energy is the key to EVERYTHING!

As a mom, I am constantly running around full steam ahead! For most of us it can be really tough to get all the nutrients we need on a daily basis for our body and brain to function at top capacity just through the food we eat. In addition, we are continuously combating a tremendous amount ( hundreds! ) of toxic exposures on a daily basis, so we really need for our immune systems to be functioning as well as possible.

Ever since I started drinking this nutrient-packed Greentini I have had more energy with less sleep, so I have been able to maximize my productive time during the day. I also have more energy to do all the things I need to be doing, like working out, which in turn has given me even more energy and wellness. I no longer crave the types and amounts of food I once did, like sugar, fat and salt. As if all of that wasn’t enough, my skin and complexion have drastically improved!

My husband was skeptical at first but in good time he saw what it did for me, and now he is also just as hooked on the Greentini as I am! Below is my recipe for this amazing nutrient-packed juice. If you are running short on time, like myself, you can buy all the ingredients and Whole Foods will juice it for you, but you can definitely make this at home in your own juicer as well!

Make sure you wash all the produce well, don’t forget to peel the lemon and consume while fresh when all the nutrients are at their full strength!

Laura’s Greentini
1 Bunch Organic Lacinato Kale (You really can use any variety; for more juice add 2 Bunches)
¼ Bunch Organic Watercress*
¼ Bunch Organic Dandelion Leaves*
1 Bag Organic Spinach
2 Loose Organic Carrots
1 Organic Beet, preferably golden
1 Organic Apple
1 Palm-Sized Organic Ginger Root
1 Peeled Organic Lemon

Combine all the ingredients in a juicer and you’re done!

Makes 3 servings so share with family and friends.

For children, I would advise leaving out the bitters and do a combo of apple, carrot, kale, lemon, beet and spinach.

For more information about juicing of fruits and vegetables, I recommend buying The Juicing Book: A Complete Guide to the Juicing of Fruits and Vegetable for Maximum Health and Vitality by Stephen Blauer. That way you can venture out beyond my own recipe and create your own!

*Both Watercress and Dandelion can be bitter, so start small and work up to a 1/2 Bunch or whatever your palette prefers.